Hallsville Primary School adopts the Local Authority Determined Admissions Arrangements relating to 2020 – 2021 in full in relation to both:

  • Reception admission
  • mid-year admissions 
  • primary to secondary transition

To do Mid-Year admissions please click on the link below:

Hallsville Primary School also adopts the Local Authority Determined Admissions Arrangements relating to 2020 – 2021 in relation to         

  • Local Authority Admission Arrangements excluding Over-subscription Criteria Waiting Lists
  • Local Authority Over-subscription Criteria
  • Local Authority Waiting List Arrangements and Delegated Responsibility for Waiting List to Local Authority
  • Delegated Responsibility for Home to School Distance Calculations to Local Authority

Fair Access

The law requires that each local authority must have a Fair Access Protocol (FAP), agreed with the majority of schools in its area to ensure that for In Year admissions unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are offered a place at a suitable school as quickly as possible.  In agreeing a protocol, the local authority must ensure that no school – including those with available places – is asked to take a disproportionate number of children who have been excluded from other schools, or who have challenging behavior. Hallsville primary school has signed up to the LB Newham’s Fair Access Protocol.

Nursery: How to Apply

You can apply at anytime but we only accept children once they are 3 years old and a term after there 3rd birthday. We also take on 2 year old childing providing that you meet the 15 hour funding and have the golden ticket. . Please click on the links to view the application.
(PDF document or Word document)

Reception admission for entry from September 2021 – 2022

School Readiness – A Mission Possible 

Academy Primary Schools (who adopt LB Newham’s admission arrangements)

Pan London e admissions portal
LB Newham Reception for Admission web pages

We are going to school

Pan London Schemes for 2021-22
LB Newham Primary to Secondary transition web pages


We are going to secondary school

Determined Admission Arrangements – September 2022

The law requires that all schools must have admission arrangements that clearly set out how children will be admitted, including the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school. Admission arrangements are determined by admission authorities.

This school is an academy and part of Agate Momentum Trust which means we are our own admission authority however we continue to adopt the LB Newham’s Admission Arrangements.

Our Determined Arrangements for the school year starting in September 2022 are:

Determined Arrangements for September 2022 entry

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