Year 5

Year 5 went on a trip to The British Museums as part of their History topic ‘Ancient Greece’. We hunted for artefacts that we had been learning about in lessons and discovered many new things about Ancient Greece and their civilization.



Year 5 visited the British Museum in October to delve deeper into our Ancient Greece history unit. We even found replicas of the Parthenon and the Rosetta Stone!

‘We visited the Quwwat-ulIslam Society in Forest Gate to learn more about Islam and the Five Pillars. We were welcomed by Imam Khalil who was very patient and accommodating to our year group! We will also use the mosque’s beautiful tiles and patterns to inspire us when we make our own!’

Year 5 children were chosen to attend a Junior RE conference day where they were able to engage in conversation about how to build strong and diverse communities. They explored different religions’ viewpoints as well as their own and had a philosophy for children session to further express their thoughts and ideas. At the end of the day, they created an artistic representation of what they believe is important when building a strong, diverse community.

This week, as part of our Maths week celebrations, Year 5 welcomed the Problem-Solving Company who set us a few Maths challenges, including the Daisy Chain, the Tower of Hanoi and Pentominoes. We really enjoyed how challenging the games were and also how much we had to rely on good teamwork to succeed!

History Off The Page 

As part of this term’s topic, year 5 have taken part in a Greek History Off The Page day. Children participated in different activities linked to the topic such as painting their names in Greek lettering, making medicines and olive oil lamps, soap carving and performing as part of the blessing for Goddess Athena at her temple.​ They even performed a tragedy and comedy in the style of the Ancient Greeks which was very entertaining.