Special Educational Needs

Please click on the link to view Newham’s SEND Offer and SEND & Disability Local Offer on Newham Families website.


SENCO Name: Ivie Okwuegbuna
Contact Number: 0207 476 2355

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Newham’s SEND Offer

SEND & Disability Local Offer (Newham Families)

Remote Therapies 

SEND Support for Parents

90-90-90 Home Practice Handout 

Cause and Effect Handout 

Creating Communication Opportunities 

Facebook Family Support Programme 

Helpline and Resources

Help Newham Referral Pathways 

Home Learning Ideas – Social Partner 

Information sheet for Parent 

Intensive Interaction Handout 

LCIS Support Pack

No School Work Social Story 

The Coronavirus Social Story

Universal Feeding Advice 

Visual Guide Advice on the Coronavirus