Life Cycles in Reception

In Reception we have been learning about life cycles and we had some exciting visitors. The children have loved observing our new friends hatch and grow. 

The Easter Story

We had a visitor, from Faith in Schools. He came to teach us about the Easter Story.  We learnt about the important events which lead up to Jesus’ death and how he resurrected on Easter Sunday. 


Chinese New Year 2024

This term we celebrated Chinese New Year. We tasted noodles and ate them using chop sticks. We watched dragon and lion dancing and had a try at it ourselves. We loved decorating our classrooms and making our very own dragon puppets. 

Reception enjoyed the sensory experience of playing in the snow. We made snow people and castles, some delicious ice drinks, created snow recipes in the mud kitchen and used paint to colour the snow. 



Sports Day 

Reception have had a great time celebrating World Book Day. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin, who read two of his fabulous books to us. We also loved dressing up as our favourite book characters. 

Chinese New Year 

In Reception, we had a great time learning about Chinese New Year. We learnt about the legend of Lunar New Year and how people around the world celebrate it today. We tried some Chinese food and even had a go at using chopsticks! We especially enjoyed making dragons to help us in our celebrations and we loved showing off our drawing, cutting and folding skills as we did so.

Hunting for minibeasts

Reception proved themselves to be experts in hunting for minibeasts this week. We predicted what minibeasts we might encounter and learnt about how to treat minibeasts and our environment with respect before embarking on our hunt. We found spiders, worms, slugs, snails, woodlice and even millipedes on our hunt. We can’t wait to find out ways to attract even more bugs to our outdoor area!

Maths Problem Solving 

Reception loved taking part in a problem-solving workshop. We had great fun trying to solve different mathematical problems with our classmates. We worked together to try to form squares, rectangles and triangles, as well as using hexagons to solve a puzzle, and could use our new learning from class to talk about the properties of the shapes