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Dear Families

We are very proud of our school. Hallsville is a special place to be. We are a caring and supportive school.We work closely with our parents to ensure the best possible care for their children.

We have a great team of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff that treat children with fairness and respect because at Hallsville ‘Every Child Matters’.

Our aim is to ensure every child in our school reaches their full potential and has the skills to cope with secondary education, so that they can go on to fulfill their dreams.Kindest regards

Keri Edge
(Executive Headteacher)



 Active Kids Holiday Clubs 
Just imagine Hubs/ Reading Gladiators
    Nursery Places Sep 2019
Just imagine CPD training    courses 19/20
Newsflash and Diary 18/19

School is closed for the summer and will re-open on Wednesday 4th September, Have a nice holiday!


Hallsville raised £1,000 at the school fete, thank you all staff and parents for all your support!

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Summer Newsletter 2019

RE Place of Worship prize giving evening at Ranelagh Primary School – Well done to our amazing winners!

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Year 3
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Awareness and Event Dates for 2019/2020

2019 Summer newsletter 

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