Year 2


November 2023

Animal Encounter Workshop

We had a visit from the Animal Encounter Workshop where we looked at and learnt about the different different species of animals. We also had the opportunity to hold the different animals.

African Dance Workshop

We had a visitor come in to teach us how to do African dancing as part of Black History Week. We really enjoyed learning where this style of dancing originated from. It was really fun getting involved and learning all the moves. 


June 2023

Chinese dragon dancing

Place of Worship

As part of our RE lessons we visited a Gurdwara to learn about the Sikh religion. We learnt about how kind and caring Sikh people are and how dedicated and committed they are to their religion.


Florence Nightingale Museum Trip

Year 2 visited the statues of the famous nurses; Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They then visited the Florence Nightingale Museum where they learned more about Florence’s life as a nurse as well as some more information about Mary Seacole’s role in the Crimean war.

Animal Farm

Year 2 had Noah’s Ark in and got the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of animals, including prairie dogs, geckos and rabbits. The children also got the chance to touch and stroke the different animals.



Florence Nightingale Museum and visit to the Marcy Seacole and Florence Nightingale Statues

Today we went on a visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum. We went back in time with Florence and relived her life story then we explored the artefacts in the museum. Afterwards, we visited the Mary Seacole statue, walked over Westminster Bridge, visited Big Ben and finally, we walked up to Trafalgar Square to see the Florence Nightingale statue.


Black History Week

During Black History Week we got to learn all about Nelson Mandela. We were shocked to hear that apartheid had happened but were glad to hear that Nelson Mandela fought until it was abolished. 

Dog Trust Visit 

In year 2, we had the chance to meet Charlotte from the Dogs Trust who taught us the 5 happy dog rules to stay safe around dogs. 



Today in year 2, we have been programming Lego models. We have made Milo the rover, move, sense something in front of him and tilt. “Building Milo was so much fun!” Nikita and Nailah.

Today, we have been making health sandwiches as part of our DT unit. We got to choose the type of bread we wanted and the fillings but best of all we got to eat our creations too.


Diversity Week

Rainbow week 

For Rainbow day we dressed in Yellow which represents sunlight.


World of Work 

This week Year 2 have been exploring TRADES as part of World of Work Week. We had a virtual meeting with some real trades managers who are refurbishing Bank Station. We then explored the job roles and skills needed to be a Plumber, Electrician, Painter and Decorator and a Carpenter. We really enjoyed our week!


This term in year 2,we are learning about the Great Fire of London. For our history off the page day we were transported back to Stuart London (1666). We gathered around a map of London to see how far the fire spread and the destruction it caused. Then we had the opportunity to try weaving, bread making, candle making and even made medicine to cure our illnesses (the plague was lurking in London during 1666).  During the afternoon we sifted through the ashes to recover artefacts.