Year 2


Animal Farm

Year 2 had Noah’s Ark in and got the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of animals, including prairie dogs, geckos and rabbits. The children also got the chance to touch and stroke the different animals.



Florence Nightingale Museum and visit to the Marcy Seacole and Florence Nightingale Statues

Today we went on a visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum. We went back in time with Florence and relived her life story then we explored the artefacts in the museum. Afterwards, we visited the Mary Seacole statue, walked over Westminster Bridge, visited Big Ben and finally, we walked up to Trafalgar Square to see the Florence Nightingale statue.


Black History Week

During Black History Week we got to learn all about Nelson Mandela. We were shocked to hear that apartheid had happened but were glad to hear that Nelson Mandela fought until it was abolished. 

Dog Trust Visit 

In year 2, we had the chance to meet Charlotte from the Dogs Trust who taught us the 5 happy dog rules to stay safe around dogs. 



Today in year 2, we have been programming Lego models. We have made Milo the rover, move, sense something in front of him and tilt. “Building Milo was so much fun!” Nikita and Nailah.

Today, we have been making health sandwiches as part of our DT unit. We got to choose the type of bread we wanted and the fillings but best of all we got to eat our creations too.


Diversity Week

Rainbow week 

For Rainbow day we dressed in Yellow which represents sunlight.


World of Work 

This week Year 2 have been exploring TRADES as part of World of Work Week. We had a virtual meeting with some real trades managers who are refurbishing Bank Station. We then explored the job roles and skills needed to be a Plumber, Electrician, Painter and Decorator and a Carpenter. We really enjoyed our week!


This term in year 2,we are learning about the Great Fire of London. For our history off the page day we were transported back to Stuart London (1666). We gathered around a map of London to see how far the fire spread and the destruction it caused. Then we had the opportunity to try weaving, bread making, candle making and even made medicine to cure our illnesses (the plague was lurking in London during 1666).  During the afternoon we sifted through the ashes to recover artefacts. 





Florence Nightingale 

In history this term we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. We couldn’t believe our eyes when Florence herself came to Hallsville to visit us and teach us all about her life as a nurse. We learnt all about the hospitals she worked in, the equipment she used and the many patients she treated. We were interested to find out what life was like working in a hospital in the 1850s and were able to compare it to hospitals today.


Library Visit

Year 2 visited our local library last week. We learnt how to find our favourite books based on the name of the author. We then spent time enjoying the range of different genres on offer. We even used our library cards to take our books home!  


Learning about Materials 

Year 2 have been having fun learning all about materials. First we went on an exciting material hunt around the school. We used the materials we found to group and classify by size, shape, use and many more. We also enjoyed carrying out our very own science investigation! Our favourite action hero Traction Man gave us a mission to design his next outfit. We tested latex, plastic, tin foil, paper, sponge and fabric to find out which materials were waterproof, strong and comfortable. We hope Traction Man will be happy with our findings! 


Bug House

We met the lovely Martin aka Mr C who helped us design and make our very own bug houses. We discovered we were very good at working together sensibly and using the equipment safely. Once complete, we collected twigs and leaves to help us camouflage our bug houses with. We hid them around the school field, under trees and in bushes hoping that they would attract lots of bugs. 


The Great Fire of London

Year 2 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We were so excited to meet Rose from History of The Page who taught us all about how the fire started, how long it lasted and why it spread so fast. We learnt lots and even helped her catch all the rats running around London in 1666. We enjoyed learning about the fire so much that we even made our own curiosity projects ​to show everyone all that we know about The Great Fire of London 




Southend Beach

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Y2 enjoyed a hot and sunny day at Southend, learning how to stay safe in water, enjoying time on the beach and eating ice cream.

For their Geography topic, Year 2 enjoyed using a map to find their way around the park, adding in symbols for what they saw on the way.


Year 2 enjoyed making their bird feeders and plant holders for the KS1 outdoor area.


Helping hands for RE

Year 2 enjoyed making their mudroc hands.   We were really impressed with how well they worked with their partners, listening to and helping each other. This was step one in the process to create their entry to the annual Newham Place of Worship competition. Keep watching to see what the finished product looks like. 


Year 2 Visit to St Johns Church

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to St John’s Church, Bethnal Green. They used the pictures of the 14 Stations of the Cross to retell the Easter story.  Fortunately, with the nice weather, they could eat their snacks in the park, while watching the squirrels scampering around.



Over the past month, Year 2 have been observing the life cycle of a butterfly. The children curiously watched the little caterpillars as they began munching on the food provided in the little tub they were in. About a week later the caterpillars had grown and began making the climb towards the tub lid where they made their chrysalis. Over the Easter break they slowly developed into butterflies and hatched. The children were all excited to see the butterflies when they returned to school after the break. After observing them for a little bit, the butterflies were released into our school’s very own garden. Hopefully we will get to see them there over the summer.