Year 2



World of Work 

This week Year 2 have been exploring TRADES as part of World of Work Week. We had a virtual meeting with some real trades managers who are refurbishing Bank Station. We then explored the job roles and skills needed to be a Plumber, Electrician, Painter and Decorator and a Carpenter. We really enjoyed our week!


This term in year 2,we are learning about the Great Fire of London. For our history off the page day we were transported back to Stuart London (1666). We gathered around a map of London to see how far the fire spread and the destruction it caused. Then we had the opportunity to try weaving, bread making, candle making and even made medicine to cure our illnesses (the plague was lurking in London during 1666).  During the afternoon we sifted through the ashes to recover artefacts. 





Florence Nightingale 

In history this term we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. We couldn’t believe our eyes when Florence herself came to Hallsville to visit us and teach us all about her life as a nurse. We learnt all about the hospitals she worked in, the equipment she used and the many patients she treated. We were interested to find out what life was like working in a hospital in the 1850s and were able to compare it to hospitals today.


Library Visit

Year 2 visited our local library last week. We learnt how to find our favourite books based on the name of the author. We then spent time enjoying the range of different genres on offer. We even used our library cards to take our books home!  


Learning about Materials 

Year 2 have been having fun learning all about materials. First we went on an exciting material hunt around the school. We used the materials we found to group and classify by size, shape, use and many more. We also enjoyed carrying out our very own science investigation! Our favourite action hero Traction Man gave us a mission to design his next outfit. We tested latex, plastic, tin foil, paper, sponge and fabric to find out which materials were waterproof, strong and comfortable. We hope Traction Man will be happy with our findings! 


Bug House

We met the lovely Martin aka Mr C who helped us design and make our very own bug houses. We discovered we were very good at working together sensibly and using the equipment safely. Once complete, we collected twigs and leaves to help us camouflage our bug houses with. We hid them around the school field, under trees and in bushes hoping that they would attract lots of bugs. 


The Great Fire of London

Year 2 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We were so excited to meet Rose from History of The Page who taught us all about how the fire started, how long it lasted and why it spread so fast. We learnt lots and even helped her catch all the rats running around London in 1666. We enjoyed learning about the fire so much that we even made our own curiosity projects ​to show everyone all that we know about The Great Fire of London 




Southend Beach

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Y2 enjoyed a hot and sunny day at Southend, learning how to stay safe in water, enjoying time on the beach and eating ice cream.

For their Geography topic, Year 2 enjoyed using a map to find their way around the park, adding in symbols for what they saw on the way.


Year 2 enjoyed making their bird feeders and plant holders for the KS1 outdoor area.


Helping hands for RE

Year 2 enjoyed making their mudroc hands.   We were really impressed with how well they worked with their partners, listening to and helping each other. This was step one in the process to create their entry to the annual Newham Place of Worship competition. Keep watching to see what the finished product looks like. 


Year 2 Visit to St Johns Church

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to St John’s Church, Bethnal Green. They used the pictures of the 14 Stations of the Cross to retell the Easter story.  Fortunately, with the nice weather, they could eat their snacks in the park, while watching the squirrels scampering around.



Over the past month, Year 2 have been observing the life cycle of a butterfly. The children curiously watched the little caterpillars as they began munching on the food provided in the little tub they were in. About a week later the caterpillars had grown and began making the climb towards the tub lid where they made their chrysalis. Over the Easter break they slowly developed into butterflies and hatched. The children were all excited to see the butterflies when they returned to school after the break. After observing them for a little bit, the butterflies were released into our school’s very own garden. Hopefully we will get to see them there over the summer. 


Florence Nightingale Trip

Year 2 went on a trip to the Florence Nightingale as part of their topic about Famous Britains. They were met by Florence and were told lots of information about her! They had so much fun!


Parents listening to their children read in EYFS


Craft Club

At Hallsville we love the different activities we can do during break time. This is just a taster of what we do with Angie and Carol in Craft Club



This week in science, Y2 have enjoyed testing materials to decide which one is best for a new coat for Traction Man. Here you can see them testing materials to see which are strong and which are waterproof. 



Year 2 were very lucky and had a poet come to visit them. His name is Joshua Seigal and he read us some of his poems. We then created our own poems about a monster. 




Story of Traction Man

This term we are looking at the story of Traction Man. We found toys in our classroom and made up stories to do with them. We have also been learning the Traction man story map.


Material hunt

We went on a material hunt around the school to see what materials are used to make different objects in the school. We then sorted materials in different ways.

December 2018

We went on a trip to the ecology park to see the habitats of different animals. We learnt all the about the different animals that lived there and even got to see some newts!


This year’s Hallsville Nativity Shine Star Shine saw Big Star struggle to find her shine. With the help of the small stars, the shepherds, kings and Mary and Joseph she finally found her shine in Bethlehem. The staff were so proud to see the children enjoy themselves as they performed to a packed hall of parents and carers.


December 2018 

In literacy the year two children have been learning about instructions. The children worked across the curriculum to plan and make healthy sandwiches in DT and then to write a set of instructions from their experience through literacy. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed tasting different types of bread and planning what their healthy sandwich would include and look like


July 2018

British Day

During Cultural week Year 2 enjoyed a day of British celebrations. The children had a wonderful morning playing traditional British games such as giant checkers, giant jenga, croquet and an egg and spoon race. ​We all then got to enjoy eating some scones with jam and cream out under the trees, enjoying each others company. 

June 2018

Trip to Southend

This term Year 2 went to visit Southend for our history topic of Seasides past and present. The children had a wonderful day exploring the pier, the local lifeguard station and the beach. Luckily we had excellent weather so the children also played on the beach and enjoyed an ice cream before returning to school. ​


Measuring Growth 

A big thank you to all the parents and carers who helped to grow their sunflower plants at home. The children enjoyed measuring their plants today before planting them in the school garden. Look out for more photos when they start to bloom. 

May 2018

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

If you’re a parent/carer in Year 2, you’ve probably already heard about our butterflies.

The children have been very excited, watching each stage of the butterfly lifecycle, from caterpillar to chrysalides and then butterfly.  At the end of the week, we set the butterflies free and watched as they flew off around the Hallsville grounds.

Year 2 Super Readers

Year 2 have made so much progress in their reading. After reading A Celebration on Planet Zog they had their own celebration. We hope parents and carers are enjoying hearing all about Planet Zog as their children read to them at home.


January 2018

Y2 Design and Technology

Year 2 children put their construction skills to the test during their DT unit making cranes. They measured and cut their wood accurately, learnt to use equipment – bench hooks, hack saws and jigs – carefully and used cogs to construct their own pulley system. They all agreed that good team work was key to their success.


Year 2 Maths Bee

Congratulations to our Maths Bee finalists. 2018 saw the first Year 2 Maths Bee at Hallsville. After beating stiff opposition in a times-tables challenge in class, the four finalists competed against each other in the final. All four displayed their excellent times tables knowledge. The final result was first place David (2B), second place Nisha (2P) and joint third place Paddy (2P) and Ziona (2B). Well done to all of you.

December 2017

William Morris trip

Year 2 had a fantastic time visiting the William Morris Gallery last week. During the visit, they learnt about how William Morris wanted to achieve a fairer society. They saw lots of examples of art work produced by William Morris and then took part in their own printing workshop. We were so impressed with the patterns created by the children – the trip definitely inspired them to produce their own art work in the style of William Morris. A big thank you to all the parents and carers who helped on the day.


Enterprise Day

On Enterprise Day the children in 2P were split into smaller groups and given the challenge to create a new mode of transport for the future that suited a specific environment. Teams were given the choice of what environment they would like to design their transport for and had to work together to come up with a design that they all agreed on.

The main outcome for the day was not their design but rather the ability to work in a team listening to each other; being a leader; staying positive and keeping others positive within the team when they might have felt like giving up; using their imaginations (which they did incredibly well); sharing their ideas with each other; problem solving and aiming high always trying to do their best.

I was incredibly impressed by how well all the children in 2P worked together in a team. The skills that they developed during the day are invaluable and they will be able to use them throughout their lives. I know it was a day they thoroughly enjoyed




This year’s Nativity followed the three kings and their servants as they followed the star, all the way to Bethlehem. Having learned their lines and songs, the staff were so proud to see the children perform to a packed hall of parents and carers.

October 2017

Florence Nightingale

This week Florence Nightingale came to spend a day at Hallsville.  Y2 children learnt all about her life, looking at artefacts from the same time period as Ms Nightingale and joining in drama and role play. It was especially lovely to see the questions that children came up with to ask Ms Nightingale in an interview session.

The children looked very smart indeed, dressed up as nurses and soldiers. Ms Nightingale left our school highly impressed by the level of intelligence, enthusiasm and the wonderful behaviour of our children. Well done year 2!





July 2017

Sunflower Competition

Thank you to all those parents/carers who helped their children grow their sunflowers earlier this term. The sunflowers are now well and truly established in the Hallsville garden. How lovely they look!

Y2 Culture Week – African Drumming (Cultural Week)

Wow, what a busy week. The children started the week by taking part in the annual Hallsville afternoon tea and then on Tuesday they attended an African Drumming workshop. Everyone enjoyed learning the different beats and rhythms and for once the children were allowed to make lots of noise. What a great sound they made! We clearly have some talented musicians in Year 2.

June 2017

Y2 Visit Southend

This term, Year 2 welcomed the summer by visiting Southend for the day. The sun was definitely beating down as we left the school. The children enjoyed a fun-packed day, travelling to the end of the pier on a tram, visiting the lifeboat station to learn about the importance of water safety, spending time on the beach collecting shells and finally the, all important, ice-cream eating. The children were a real credit to the school, showing their Hallsville values all day. Well done Year 2.

May 2017

History off the Page

Year 2 had a fantastic day, travelling back in time to witness what happened in Pudding Lane at the time of the Great Fire of London. The children looked amazing in their outfits as they took part in a range of activities including making candles, learning about medical remedies and digging up artefacts from the time.

The day certainly helped the children develop their understanding of what it would have felt like at the time and how devastating it would have been for the many families whose houses were destroyed.

March 2017

Y2 Visit St Paul’s

This month, Year 2 enjoyed their visit to St Paul’s Cathedral. As well as learning about how and when the cathedral was built and the importance of the cathedral in Christianity, the children gained a deeper understanding of how the cathedral needed to be rebuilt after the Great Fire of London.

February 2017

Year 1 and 2 Enjoy Maths Week

Thank you to Ms Bellamy for organising a fun Maths Week at Hallsville. During the week, pupils took part in lots of interesting activities, showing them just how varied maths can be.  As well as watching an interactive workshop by Caboodle, they took part in maths games organised by the Y1 and Y2 teachers. They played bingo, created shape patterns and acted as pirates, using coordinates to find hidden treasure.  The pictures below show just some of these activities.

Literacy – Setting Descriptions

In literacy we have been reading Meerkat Mail, a story about a meerkat called Sunny who visits different places.  We explored two different places for Sunny to visit, Nigeria and a funfair.  We listened to music from Nigeria, held yams and plantain and looked at real Nigerian clothing. For the funfair, we watched a video and felt and tasted a fresh donut.

We used our senses to describe the setting, using adjectives and expanded noun phrases such as ‘Sunny tasted the golden fluffy donuts with raspberry cream filling’ and ‘As he walked through the bustling market Sunny heard the loud steady beat of the African drum’.