This activity was a hook for our TFW text The Gingerbread Man where the children made their own gingerbread men/people.



Nursery enjoying various activities 


Growing cress

We grew cress just like The Little Red Hen grew wheat. We had to wait a week for the cress to grow.Then we had fun making cheese and cress sandwiches. We learned how to butter our own bread and how to portion out the cheese and cress.

Nursery experiment

We did an experiment in Nursery. Finding out what would happen when we combined water, yeast and sugar. It was amazing!! The yeast was activated by the sugar and produced a gas which in turn made the balloon expand.


Nursery making bread rolls

In Nursery we read The Little Red Hen. Working together we made bread rolls. We weighed the ingredients and mixed them all together. Once that was done, we rolled out the dough into balls and then cooked them. We really enjoyed this activity.



Science Week 

During science week we had lots of visitors. We met reptiles and small furry animals. Some of us also took part in the science fair!

Art week 


We had a fantastic turn out for ‘Family Friday’ were we made cards and collages for all out family and friends.


In April Ned ​cam to visit us. We read to him using story maps of the very hungry caterpillar. 



We like to get comfortable on our sofa and share our love of reading with our friends and even Ms Edge. 


Gingerbread Man

In Nursery our story was The Gingerbread Man. To get us started we made so very tasty Gingerbread men.


Citizenship Week

During Citizenship week we had a visit from some lovely Police Women. They told us about what they had to do for their job.They let us try on some of their uniform and even let us wear their handcuffs! We loved this visit so much.