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Poem by Aynur

I want something. It’s as soft as a mitten. The thing that I want is a kitten. But don’t worry my dear. Have no fear, because when the day comes that you get that kitten you will cry a happy tear and remember that day.


Yes there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide, but the more we do the more we have lied. So let it out! Who cares what it’s about? And if they do, why do you care because you’re not that mad hatter.


Don’t get stuck in mud when you’re halfway through achieving your dream, because if you do you might lose your dream team. Don’t get stuck in mud when you’re halfway through achieving your dream, because if you do then people might think you have gave up.



Diversity Week Cultural Dress Up Day 2022

Today, we dressed up in clothes which reflect our diverse cultural backgrounds. The children went all out and it was so lovely to see how vibrant and diverse our school community is. 

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears!

Yesterday, our Shakespeare club performed monologues from Julius Caesar at the Aspire Festival in Eastbury Community School. They received a standing ovation for their outstanding performance. 

March 2022

What’s the point? 

Ten of our Year Six children took part in a six week project named ‘What’s the Point?’. Over the course of six weeks, these pupils attended workshops about knife crime safety, met police officers and also victims of knife crime. They have been pioneers to lead Hallsville in our awareness of how to stay safe and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Their work culminated in creating and delivering an assembly, which they presented to the whole of Upper Key Stage 2 (link below). A big thank you to Rich and Nigel from What’s the Point? for all their work with our young people. ​


World book day 

World Book Week was a huge success at Hallsville and showed how much our children love reading books. We were inspired by authors and poets who visited the school, including Tom McLaughlin and Karl Nova. We had our favourite book shop, Roving Books, visiting the school and they made it possible for every child to take a new book home. It was a joy to see all the children and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters on World book Day itself and to see how creative our children are with the book character spoons they made. We all had a great time!


February 2022 

Maths Week

This week at Hallsville was Maths Week. We were thrilled to welcome in the Problem Solving Company who supported us with developing our reasoning and problem solving skills. All the children in school were able to take part in a range of activities and we had a great deal of fun whilst developing our Maths! Head Pupil, Ray, noted, ‘I really enjoy it when Problem Solving Company come to Hallsville, it’s a good opportunity for us to work in teams to solve challenges.’ 


We’ve also created a whole school journal this week, which can be found on the image below: 

Please click in image below: 

Citizenship Week 

During Citizenship Week, children across the school learnt about democracy during the Hallsville Elections. After listening to ten candidates deliver their speeches, every child from Year 1 to year 6 placed their vote for their chosen Head Pupil. The following children were voted in as the Head Pupils and Deputy Head Pupils. We look forward to seeing the improvements they make to the school!


School Events 2020-21

World Book Day  – March 2021