Year 3

Year 3 – Stone Age Day trip 

Year 3 went on a trip to Lee valley to explore how life was really like during the biggest period of pre-historic Britian. They completed a range of different Stone Age activities such as creating cave paintings, working as archaeologists and foraging for plants and berries.


Y3 – Children in need


Year 3 African Drumming 

In celebration of Black History Week, Year 3 took part in an African drumming workshop. We had so much fun learning about different ways to beat this special drum called a ‘djembe’. We also sang some traditional songs while playing the drums.

Year 3 HOTP (Ancient Egyptians) 

The workshop gave us a feeling of what it was like to be an Egyptian in ancient times. We experienced life as it would have been during the 14th century BC under the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. We learned about the issues of the time and participated in a range of cross-curricular activities and crafts. We made jewellery, carved designs into soap and even made bread!

We ended our day with a grand feast of bread, cheese and grapes.

Farm Animals

Year 3 visiting the farm animals.


Natural History Museum

Year 3 visited the Natural History Museum to explore their learning from the spring term about Natural disasters and rocks and soils. They really enjoyed the immersive experiences of the earthquake and all the interactive exhibitions.


Year 3 visit to Sandy Rows Synagogue

Year 3 visited Sandys Row synagogue were they were able to see their learning come to life. They explored the synagogue, spotted artefacts which we have been learning about at school and asked questions in order to expand on their learning. They had a great time and learnt a lot of new things.

Science of the page day 

Year 3 had a Science Off The Page Day where they were geologists for the day. They spent the day exploring different types of rock. They look at the properties of different types of rock and completed a range of experiments to explore these properties.

Anti Bullying Week

Year 3 had their Anti-bullying workshop where they learnt about what respect means, how to show it and how it makes others feel when they are not being respected. They played out scenarios to better understand how being bullied might look and how it might make others feel. They also looked at what they could do if they witness bullying. ​

Diwali Dance Workshop

Year 3 children celebrated Diwali by exploring the great Hindu story about prince Rama and his wife Sita. The retold the famous story through dance and through it, they were able to improve their cultural understanding and confidence is self-expression. They had a great time.


Year 3 – Stone Age trip

Year 3 went back in time and experienced what it was like to live in the Stone Age. Our trip to Lee Valley immersed the children in activities such as cave paintings, gathering plants for food, exploring Stone Age tools and exploring fossils which belonged to prehistoric mammals.

The children really enjoyed the trip and were able to build onto their knowledge from our school work.


Year 3 –  Dan The Skipping man

Dan the Skipping Man visited Hallsville for P.E week. He taught the children many different techniques for skipping and the kids had a wonderful time and got their bodies moving. 

Year 3 have been celebrating cultural diversity week and have been making Japanese oriental fans. We learnt a lot about Japan and their culture and were really inspired to make our own. 


The year 3 classes travelled back in time and became immersed in the life of Ancient Egyptians. They wrote hieroglyphics, made perfumes, amulets and bread and ended their day with a large festival where they got to perform and enjoy a feast fit for the Ancient Egyptians. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and will remember it for many years to come. 

Queens Jubilee Picnic 

Science Museum 

Year 3 went to the Science museum and got to explore all their learning of Ancient Egyptians. They saw mummies, canonic jars, coffins and even tomb paintings which they had studied at school. It was a great experience.


Year 3 have been learning about healthy eating. They got to prepare their own pasta dish. They learnt how to use different kitchen utensils safely and were able to prepare a delicious pasta dish that was healthy. The had a scrumptious time. 

Year 3R have had the exciting opportunity of seeing how Jewish people worship at a Synagogue. They visited Sandy Row Synagogue and explored the meanings of key Jewish artefacts and important dates in the Jewish calendar. They were able to speak about Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover with our Guide Tony Selman. 

Year 3H visited one of the oldest synagogues in East London, Sandy Row. They got to explore and learn about the different artefacts found in a synagogue and they learnt more about the Jewish religion. They really enjoyed seeing their learning come to life.

Year 3 went on an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum. There they got to see their learning come to life. They explored information about volcanoes and earthquakes and revisited learning from previous terms about rocks and fossils. They had a wonderful time and can now say they are mini experts.

Year 3 took part in World Book Day and dressed up as their favourite characters! We had a fun time dressing up and talking about it with our friends

In light of maths week, year three had a fun maths workshop where they got to work together to solve puzzles and problems. They had a great time and felt like mathematicians.

Anti Bullying Week

In light of Anti bullying week, we had a workshop that helped us understand what bullying is and how we can spot it. We did many role plays and discussed scenarios with our groups. 

Lee Valley Trip – Stone Age Day 

Geology Day 

Year 3 had their geology day this week and were surprised to learn that nearly everything around us is made from rocks. They explored different types of rocks and grouped them according to their properties. They learnt about erosion and weathering and got to make fossils out of clay. They had a wonderful time and were immersed into their learning. 


Year 3 have been working on creating relief sculptures using Modroc. We chose a symbol to represent our beliefs and turned it into a 3D sculpture. Finally, we painted it using metallic pain.  The final results look fantastic and we had a create time creating them. 

Clay Dragon Eyes 

We designed our dragon eyes over the holiday based on dragons we had chosen in school and then we made them into 3D dragon eyes using clay. We used marbles for their eye balls and decorated them with detail. We will go on to painting them once they have dried.


London Zoo

Year 3 went to London Zoo to learn all about the animals and experience them in their habitats. We got to see some rare animals like the Okapi. We saw some tigers, gorillas and an array of birds. We even got to see the monkeys up close as they swung on the ropes and played together. We had a brilliant time and we are even going to use the animals and their habitats as influence for our 3D frame designs which we will make later on this term. 

Hilarious Hat Day 

Today we travelled back in time to the ancient Egyptian civilisation. We learnt about their beliefs and festivals and got immersed in their afterlife rituals. It was an unforgettable day!


Year 3 had their art day today and were taught by an art specialist from Bow Arts. The really enjoyed using water colours to paint in the style of the artist, Georgia O’keefe. They learnt how to blend and make different textures on paper. They then did a blended background wash which they cut up and made into a collage. After that, they cut out a picture of a flower using a stencil and stuck it on to another background wash which they did earlier.  The outcome was wonderful. What a splendid day!