Year 3



London Zoo

Year 3 went to London Zoo to learn all about the animals and experience them in their habitats. We got to see some rare animals like the Okapi. We saw some tigers, gorillas and an array of birds. We even got to see the monkeys up close as they swung on the ropes and played together. We had a brilliant time and we are even going to use the animals and their habitats as influence for our 3D frame designs which we will make later on this term. 

Hilarious Hat Day 

Today we travelled back in time to the ancient Egyptian civilisation. We learnt about their beliefs and festivals and got immersed in their afterlife rituals. It was an unforgettable day!


Year 3 had their art day today and were taught by an art specialist from Bow Arts. The really enjoyed using water colours to paint in the style of the artist, Georgia O’keefe. They learnt how to blend and make different textures on paper. They then did a blended background wash which they cut up and made into a collage. After that, they cut out a picture of a flower using a stencil and stuck it on to another background wash which they did earlier.  The outcome was wonderful. What a splendid day!


Anti Bullying 

Here are some photos for 3H during the Antibullying workshop on the 16th of Nov 2020. The children discussed what bullying is, what it might look like in schools or online and how we can help. 


Rocks and Soil Workshops 



Road Safety Workshop


Anti Bullying Workshop 

Pupils learned the signs, consequences and causes of bullying through drama, lead by an anti-bullying specialist. They role-played taking on different perspectives of a scenario and tried to explore the reasons why situation involving bullying could occur.

Rock Workshop 

Year 3 got up close and personal with rocks of different kinds. They explored different types of rocks and soils and learnt how they are formed. They discovered what erosion can do to a city and learnt about different features of rocks and where they might be used in everyday items they see. It was a very exciting day and they thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Black History Week

Year 3 had a drumming workshop in light of Black History Week. They learnt about the different drums, where they come from and how they’re made. They even got to show off their dancing skills to the beat of the drums. 



3H went on a trip to the Community Garden in East Ham to do a wormery workshop. The children learnt about ways in which worms can be made to move up towards the surface, they got up close and personal to worms and they created a wormery. They even managed to pick some fruit at the end of the workshop.​


Year 3 went on a trip to the London Zoo to engage their learning of the current science topic which is all about ‘Animals including Humans’. They did a workshop on animal bones and then got to see the animals in action around the Zoo. 


Ancient Egypt through a History off the Page Day

The year 3’s were immersed into Ancient Egypt through a History off the Page Day. They learnt about the history of Ancient Egypt through workshops and role play. This included; mummification, making of canopic jars, art, tasting food, making bread, writing hieroglyphics,  creating jewelry and making perfumes. They had a wonderful time and surely will not forget it. 


Year 3 Trip to Chalk Well Beach

3C and 3H went on an exciting trip to Chalk Well Beach on the 26th of April. They spent the day exploring and enjoying the beach. They searched for sea shells and other items they could use for their sand art which they created together in groups. They dipped their toes into the water and felt the sand on their feet. They even got to enjoy some yummy ice cream. It was a great experience which was used to enhance and feed into their literacy topic for this term. ​


Football Tournament 

The year 3’s got the chance to compete in a friendly football tournament. They versed one another and won medals for the teams which came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The bronze, silver and gold medals were given to the children after the competition and were proudly worn by the children. 


DT Cooking Pasta

Children in Year 3 became pasta chefs for the day. They explored what a healthy plate should look like, designed their own packaging and logo for their pasta dish as well as getting to make their chosen pasta dish. They had a great time during this DT inquiry.

Holi Workshop 

Year three thoroughly enjoyed their workshop on Holi. We enjoyed learning how to blow the conch to welcome visitors. Dressing up in the traditional costumes and holding a real flower garland that was presented to Krishna in the Temple.


Times Tables Rock Stars 60 Seconds Challenge

As part of Math’s Week, some of our talented mathematicians in Key Stage 2 took part in the annual Times Tables competition. This year we did things differently; the children competed in year groups to complete 60 seconds times tables challenge on Times Tables Rock Stars. During the competition, each child had 60 seconds to answer as many questions which tested their times tables multiplication and division facts.


Here are some pictures of the winners. Well done!


Year 3:

Karims – 38 questions in 60 seconds

David – 39 questions in 60 seconds

Khalid – 41 questions in 60 seconds (Winner)




Old Royal Naval College

Year 3 visited the site for a Math’s workshop. The children explored the different shapes (2D and 3D) found around the college as well as patterns and symmetry. They had a chance to create their own patterns using geometrical shapes. 


Natural History Museum

Year 3 went to the Natural History Museum where we discovered facts about Earthquakes. We took part in the earthquake simulation where it actually felt like we were in a real earthquake. The ground beneath our feet was shaking and the walls around us were rumbling. We had a sense of what it would feel like of we lived in a country that was at risk of an earthquake.