Year 1



Year 1 History off the page 

Year 1 learnt all about old toys during our exciting History off the Page workshop. We got to play with a range of old toys, such as toys made from tin, wood and even homemade toys.  We then became archaeologists and discovered long lost toys and sorted them. Finally, we learnt how to make our own toys to take home.


Maths week

As part of Maths week, Year 1 had the opportunity to put their reasoning skills and shape knowledge to the test and create different pictures using a wide range of 2-D shapes. This required excellent teamwork and Year 1 had lots of fun trying to make the different shapes.


Creative Writing Day 

Year 1 explored the world under the sea and wrote fantastic poems, letters and descriptions based on the book, Flotsam.


Field trip to the park 

As part of our Geography topic, Year 1 went on a trip to the local park to learn about maps. We had a map of the park, but some of the symbols were missing. We walked around the park to see which symbols we needed to add to our maps, and drew the symbols on. 

Black History Month Workshop

Year 1 learnt a traditional story and about different foods that can be found in other parts of the world, such as coconuts from the Caribbean.



Year 1 Plants Assembly 

This week, 1F performed a whole school assembly all about plants. We learnt about the lifecycle of a plant, the difference between trees and other plants and why they are so important. The children of 1F did a fantastic job, but why are there two Mr Finches? 

Year 1 trip to the Ramgarhia Gurdwara Temple

Year 1 had the opportunity to go a Gurdwara Temple and learnt all about what is inside a Gurdwara, what it means to be a Sikh and to believe in Sikhism.



Parents listening to their children read in EYFS


Maths Week

Year 1 really enjoyed taking part in so many different activities during Maths week. We practiced our 2 times tables on Maths Rockstars, had parents to come and watch our Maths and No Problem lessons and took part in challenging Problem Solving puzzles! 


February 2019

Craft Club

At Hallsville we love the different activities we can do during break time. This is just a taster of what we do with Angie and Carol in Craft Club. 


Year 1 making fruit salads! 

As part of our Design Technology topic, 1A and 1F created different fruit salads. The children had previously talked about what makes a good fruit salad and had draw their own designs. The children selected their fruit and carefully cut it and placed it in their cups. Afterwards the children got to try them and say what was good about them and how they would improve them next time.

December 2018


This year’s Hallsville Nativity Shine Star Shine saw Big Star struggle to find her shine. With the help of the small stars, the shepherds, kings and Mary and Joseph she finally found her shine in Bethlehem. The staff were so proud to see the children enjoy themselves as they performed to a packed hall of parents and carers.



June 2018

Museum Docklands

Year 1 went on a fantastic trip to the Museum of Docklands. To get there, we went on the cable cars across the River Thames which was so much fun! At the museum, we learnt all about the docklands area and where things come from in the world – such as tea, spices, chocolate and coffee. We also found out that the museum used to be a warehouse and what the area was like in the past. What a great day!

April 2018

Art Week

For art week we have been concentrating on an artist named Wassily Kandinsky. We created work based on one of his famous art pieces called Composition VIII.

February 2018

Making Maths Fun

In Year 1 we have been working really hard trying out different ways to learn maths. This week has been maths week and we have been enjoying different fun and exciting ways to learn new maths skills. We also had a problem solving workshop where we used different skills to figure out maths problems.



October 2017

Shark in the Park moving pictures

As part of our DT learning we made moving pictures based on the Shark in the Park story by Nick Sharratt. We chose which characters to use and chose a park background. We had to carefully cut around our characters and stick them to the moving parts of the picture. We thought about which character should slide and which should pivot, and we used a split pin to make the character move. We are really proud of our pictures.

September 2017


For our reading lesson we have been reading a non fiction book called ‘Hens’. We went and looked at our school hens over in KS2, we looked closely at how they behaved in the pen. We learnt the difference between a non fiction and a fiction book. It was great fun to see real hens!


June 2017

Animal Habitats

Year 1 created some amazing mini animal habitat boxes for their curiosity projects during the half-term holiday. We were so impressed by the hard work that went into these projects – they are so imaginative and creative. The children created habitats for many different animals – penguins, polar bears, fish, camels and even dinosaurs! Well done Year 1!

May 2017

In Year 1 we have been learning about algorithms. We had iPads to go into the Scratch programme. We learnt how to make Sprites which is another term for characters and we made our own backgrounds. We wrote algorithms for our Sprites to give them different directions to follow.

April 2017

Science trip to West Ham Park

Year 1 had the opportunity to do some outside learning this month. We went to West Ham Park to search for different plants and we went on a minibeast hunt. We planted our own seeds and took a walk around the park looking for different trees and leaves. We talked about roots and how plants stay alive. It was a cold day but an enjoyable one. Thank you West Ham Park volunteers for making our day extra special!

March 2017

History Off the Page

In History we have been researching old toys and how they are different to the toys we play with now at home. We have been sorting old and new toys and looking at the different materials they are made out of. We were lucky to have History Off the Page come in to our school and show us all the different toys from many years ago. We were able to be toy investigators and toy makers for the day.

February 2017

World Book Day

What a fantastic time we had on World Book Day! The author Anne Fine came to talk to us about how to be a good writer and read some of her stories to us. Year 1 made a brilliant effort to dress up and we had a variety of costumes – from the BFG to Harry Potter and everything in between. To finish the day we had a reading blanket on the tables where we could look at different books and choose a book to take home. The children also recommended books to each other and we finished off with a story.


Year 1 and 2 Enjoy Maths Week

Thank you to Ms Bellamy for organising a fun Maths Week at Hallsville. During the week, pupils took part in lots of interesting activities, showing them just how varied maths can be.  As well as watching an interactive workshop by Caboodle, they took part in maths games organised by the Y1 and Y2 teachers. They played bingo, created shape patterns and acted as pirates, using coordinates to find hidden treasure.  The pictures below show just some of these activities.

City Airport

In Geography we have been learning about the world and the different continents. We located the continents using an atlas and a globe and we discussed the differences between hot and cold countries. We then went on a school trip to London City Airport to find out more about how we can travel around the world.

January 2017


In Year 1 we have been learning about materials. We decided to carry out an investigation to find out which materials are waterproof. First we made a prediction, then in groups we tested fabric, plastic, foil, tissue paper and cotton wool. We poured an equal amount of water onto each material and carefully observed which materials let water through and which didn’t.