Year 1


Making Fruit Salads

As part of our design and technology lessons, we designed and made our own fruit salads. We looked at different types, tasted lots a variety of fruit and then created our own fruit salads. Yummy! 

Bee Corridor

As part of of writing unit we have been reading Omar and the Bees. We learnt all about the importance of bees and what would happen if they became extinct so we decided to help them by planting a bee corridor.

Trip to Bow Creek Ecology Park



In year 1 we have been learning all about plants and reading ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ so we have been busy planting different types of plants and watching them grow. 

This term we have been reading Peace at Last and we got to come to school in our pajamas.  


Grouping and sorting skills 

In science we have been working on our grouping and sorting skills. We played body parts into groups and played what’s my rule. Can you guess the rule? 

Today we finally got to try out the brand new adventure playground. It’s amazing! Thank you Ms Edge, it gets a big thumbs up from year 1 

Making Jam Sandwiches

We have been learning to write instructions and today we got to make our own jam sandwiches. We learnt to spread the jam carefully onto the bread but best of all we got to eat them too. 

Black History Week 

During Black History Week we learnt about influential black British people including Marcus Rashford and Nicola Adams. We really enjoyed ourselves and learnt a lot.   


Goldilocks and the three bears

Today we arrived at school to discover a crime scene in our classroom. The culprit left lots of clues and we soon figured out the criminal was…. Goldilocks. We couldn’t wait to read Goldilocks and the three bears after solving this crime. 



Citizenship Week 

As part of Citizenship week, we had a police officer come in to talk about their job and how they support their community. We learnt about how you become a police officer, what they wear and how we can be good citizens for our local neighbourhood.


Making levers and sliders

In our DT topic, we learnt how to make moving pictures with levers and sliders. We looked at what makes a good lever or slider. Next, we designed our slider and lever and then finally we created our own lever and slider based on our story ‘Lost and Found’.

Sea Life Trip 

Today Year 1 travelled to Central London to Sea Life London. We were right across the river from the Houses of Parliament! Once we went inside we met some penguins, sharks, jellyfish and many more sea creatures. The penguins were especially exciting as we are studying Lost and Found which is about a lost penguin. We even travelled on a travellator to get there and back on the tube.  


The Christmas Experience 

This week, Year 1 went to the Ascension Church to learn all about the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and the importance of Christmas to Christians. We met many of the important people in the Nativity story including Mary, Baby Jesus, the shepherds, the wise men and the angel Gabriel. 

Also, a big thank you to all the parent volunteers that made the trip possible and such a success.


Creative writing day

Year 1 came in to find our classroom had been turned into an abandoned house. We explored the house to find clues to who lived there. We then talked about our homes and read our text ‘A House that Once was’. We made collages of our homes and then wrote a poem or description of our home.


Class Party

This week, Year 1 had a party for our recount hook! We were given invitations and then some party food to eat. We played party games including Pass the Parcel and Musical statues. We had a fantastic time! 

Trip to Ashburton Wood

Last week, Year 1 went on a trip to Ashburton woods. We left the school and looked for signs of Autumn.  Next, we took pictures of the trees and the leaves on the ground. 

We found sycamore seeds, different coloured leaves and even mushrooms on our trip.     

Human Body curiosity projects

A big thank you to all the children and parents/carers who helped the children create such amazing curiosity projects about the human body. We love the care and attention and the amazing information and facts you have used in your work.

Well done Year 1!


The Dog Trust workshop

Year 1 had a visitor from the Dog Trust who taught us how to be ‘Dog Smart’ and how to behave around our dogs, such as being calm and giving a dog space.