Year 4


As part of our Diversity week, Year 4 have learnt about Somalia and created a fact file about the Somali Culture. We also did African Drumming and learnt the techniques of drumming with our hands. All of the children in year 4 really enjoyed learning the African song!

Year 4 had the exciting opportunity to trial out a rock climbing morning at Rise Climbing it was just a 4 minute walk from school and a great work out!

History off the Page 

For Art Week, year 4 looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy who creates land art situated in natural settings. We really enjoyed creating environmentally friendly art, outdoors. Year 4 only used natural materials found in the school grass area to create these masterpieces!

Food Tasting 

Have you ever wondered how new foods are invented? It all starts with a taste test! Year 4 have been tasting a range of breakfast bars in preparation for designing and making their very own bars! Watch this space for the processes they will follow in creating a new product… 


Cable Carts Visit

Year 4 took a trip on the cable cars to see the River Thames from above. Pupils saw the meanders, natural and man-made features of the Thames and even managed to glimpse where the River Lea joined the Thames. It was an exciting trip but seeing all of the plastic pollution in the river made us wonder what we could do to help.

History Off The Page 

Year 4 took part in a virtual DT lessons today. Check out some of their inventions recycled boxes, motors and batteries. Pupils particularly enjoyed experimenting with ways to make the motor turn different aspects of their inventions. 



World Book Day



Citizenship Week 25th – 28th Jan

During Citizenship Week 2019 the school was a hub of activities. We were very lucky to have many visitors come in a discuss their chosen careers with us. Year 4 were particularly excited to have a scuba diving instructor/ marine conservationist talk to them.  


Black History Month

Year 4 enjoying Culture Week, as they had a cooking workshop to celebrate Black History Month.

Guildhall and Mithraeum

Year 4 went to the Guildhall and Mithraeum to look at the ruins of an amphitheatre and temple, as part of their Topic work on the Romans.



Year 4 Visiting River Church

As part of our place of worship unit year 4 visited the River Church in Canning Town, where we took part in various Easter activities. 


Times Tables Rock stars 60 Seconds Challenge 


As part of Math’s Week, some of our talented mathematicians in Key Stage 2 took part in the annual Times Tables competition. This year we did things differently; the children competed in year groups to complete 60 seconds times tables challenge on Times Tables Rock stars. During the competition, each child had 60 seconds to answer as many questions which tested their times tables multiplication and division facts.


Here are some pictures of the winners. Well done!


Year 4:

Zaira – 31 questions in 60 seconds

Ruwayda – 41questions in 60 seconds (Joint Winner)

Ibraheem – 41 questions in 60 seconds (Joint Winner)


Citizenship Week 

The children enjoyed dressing up as the person they would like to be in the future. There was an assortment of careers we had children that wanted to be fireman, beauticians, fashion models, scientists, judges, lawyers and doctors.

Well done to the children for being so very ambitious and a huge thank you to the parents whose continued support helps our amazing school to thrive.



October 2018

British Museum

Year 4 went on a educational trip to the British Museum in October for our Ancient Egyptians topic.  We saw many artifacts and learned about their beliefs and way of life.