Year 3

March 2017

Our Trip to Greenwich Navel College

Year 3 went on an exciting trip during Maths Week. We came to learn about pattern and symmetry at Greenwich Naval College. We visited the chapel to spot some symmetrical patterns before creating our own! We even finished the day off with a game of Victorian skittle bowling.

Citizenship Week

Our focus for Citizenship Week this year was ‘challenging stereotypes’. In particular we looked at what it means to be British and our own Hallsville values. We also had a very exciting competition to bake or make something which represents British culture. Here are some of our entries and winners.

History Off the Page: Romans

For our History off the Page day in January we became creative, victorious and brutal Romans for the day. We learnt how the Romans prepared for battle, had extravagant feasts, enjoyed the theatre and created beautiful decorative mosaics. It was amazing learning about Roman life in such a practical and fun way!

Synagogue Visit

Shalom! Year 3 visited a local Synagogue this term as part of their RE curriculum. They learnt about the different aspects of Judaism and compared them to other religions. The day was really fun and Rabbi David was very impressed with the knowledge that the children already had. They even got to sing a traditional song in Hebrew and look at a Torah made out of parchment!

November 2016

Curiosity Project

We have Created fantastic models about the Stone Age

WE have made Mr Twits dirty beard as part of our Love of Reading

Natural History Museum

Year 3 went to the Natural History Museum where we discovered facts about Earthquakes and found the tooth of a mammoth that lived during the Stone Age.

Dogs Trust

October 2016

Tate Modern Visit

Year 3 went to the Tate Modern as part of our Art topic and learned about the Famous Artists Pablo Picasso and Alexander Cadler.  We used the artists’ techniques to help us create a sculpture of a face using wire.

Black History Week

Year 3 Celebrated Black History Week and enjoyed learning to play African Drums  and learned an African Dance.

Holi Workshop

Year three thoroughly enjoying their workshop on Holi. We enjoyed learning how to blow the conch to welcome visitors.


Dressing up in the traditional costumes and holding a real flower garland that was presented to Krishna in the Temple.

July 2016

London Zoo

As a reward for their hard work throughout the year, Year 3 had the amazing opportunity of visiting London Zoo.  They also used this trip to research specific features of animals for their final Design and Technology topic where they will design and create 3D photo frames of their favourite animal.  Although the weather was not great, we had a fantastic day seeing animals from all around the world just look at the smiles on their faces!

June 2016


We loved having an artist in to work with us during art work – she taught us lots of excellent skills which we could then use to create our own animal artwork.


Year 3 are learning all about animals this term, so it was an ideal opportunity for us to hold and touch some creatures when the bug man came in.  Lots of us were brave and faced our fears (just like our stories we have written this term) by holding snakes, tarantulas and stick insects.

Blowing up balloons

During Science week, we experimented different ways of blowing up a balloon.  Who knew you could use a mixture of household products ( i.e. vinegar and bicarbonate soda) to inflate a balloon?  We did make a little bit of a mess, but it was worth it – we had so much fun!

February 2016

Royal Naval College Visit

As part of Maths week, Year 3 visited the Royal Naval College in Greenwich to investigate maths in real-life! We explored 2D and 3D shapes and patterns in the magnificent Chapel which was used by the ex-naval officers, and we found some amazing symmetrical designs and tessellations.  We then created our own colourful and detailed patterns and have brought them back to school with us to make a display to show off our amazing mathematical skills.

January 2016

History off the Page: Roman Day

As part of Year 3’s current topic on the Romans, they participated in a fantastic History off the Page ‘Roman Day’.  The children had the opportunity to make Roman crafts such as mosaic tiling, writing their name in Roman letters using ink and a quill pen, and creating their own perfumes and medicines.  In the afternoon, Year 3 conducted their own Roman banquet featuring slaves, soldiers, gladiators and dancers, in celebration of Boudicca’s defeat.

December 2015

Dogs Trust 2015

Year 3 were visited by Ruth and her very special friend, Fudge the dog, from Dogs Trust. Ruth taught us how to be safe around dogs when we may encounter them in the park. We enjoyed our visit from Fudge.

November 2015

LGBT Anti-Bullying Competition

These are the class winners from Year 3 for the LGBT Anti Bullying Competition. The categories were for best cake, t-shirt and poster or poem.