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Curriculum Statement

At Hallsville, we believe that every child has the right to succeed despite any barriers to their learning. We aim to prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life and work hard to foster positive and memorable learning experiences that will engage pupils and instil a love of learning.

We encourage children to be critical thinkers and resilient problem solvers who are willing to take risks. We believe that intelligence is not fixed so we nurture a growth mind-set in children who learn that they need to work hard to succeed. We value every child in Hallsville and strive to ensure their happiness and wellbeing as they become independent life-long learners. We use ‘Philosophy for Children’ to teach pupils how to be more reflective and considerate towards the views of others and regular ‘mindfulness’ sessions give children at Hallsville strategies to cope with their feelings.

In order to achieve our goals, we have carefully planned our curriculum so that it is balanced and broadly based. Hallsville follows the National Curriculum, which provides clear age-related expectations. We have adopted a subject specific approach so that children can be taught the knowledge and thinking skills required for each subject, however, we have made careful cross-curricular links to optimise these skills. Children are challenged to think at a greater depth, which results in a thorough understanding.

Through guest visitors, specialist weeks and a wide-range of educational visits, Hallsville builds real experiences into the curriculum to enrich learning.

Children at Hallsville are taught a broad and balanced curriculum covering all areas of the National Curriculum. Please click on the for information on each subject.


Curriculum Maps

EYFS: Statements From New Syllabus

Nursery: Term 1 | Term 2 | Term 3 | Term 4 | Term 5 | Term 6

Reception: Term 1 | Term 2 | Term 3 | Term 4 | Term 5 | Term 6

Curriculum Overview – Year 1-Year 6


If you would like to find out more about the curriculum please contact the class teacher.