Dates for the 2017-18 Year

Month Date & Event
September: 5th – 8th Year 6 Fair Play House
12th Year 5: British Museum
18th Year 5: History Off The Page: Ancient Egypt
22nd Year 6: History Off The Page: WW2
October: 3rd RE: Year 3: Hindu Visitors: Holi
6th Parent Workshop: RWI
9th Year 2: History Off The Page: Florence Nightingale
13th Parent Workshop: RWI
13th African Dancing
13th Black History Month Performance
17th Parent Workshop: E Safety
17th Year 4: Tower Bridge
20th African Drumming
20th Rec- Year 4: Flu Immunisation
21st KS2: Cross Country Day
23rd – 27th Half Term
30th Planetarium
31st Year 4: History Off The Page: Saxons
November: 1st Parent Workshop: Reception: Speech and Language
13th-16th Anti Bullying- Week
17th Inset Day
20th Inset Day
23rd Parents Evening
29th Year 1: National Portrait Museum
December: 2nd Year 6: Educational Visit: Docklands Museum
9th Nursery Stay and Be Festive
11th Pantomime
12th Pantomime
12th Early Years/Class 1W Christmas Concert
12th Year 3 & 4 Christmas Concert
13th Year 2 & 1C Christmas Concert
13th Year 5 & 6 Christmas Concert
14th Pantomime
15th Pantomime
21st – 2nd Christmas Break
January: 4th Year 6: Anthony Glen: Oliver
9th Year 5: History Off The Page: Greeks
10th Year 3: History Off The Page: Romans
15th History Off The Page: Ancient Greece
February: 12th – 16th Half Term
19th Year 5: Anthony Glen: Romeo & Juliet
23rd Year 6: Anthony Glen: Macbeth
26th Year 2: History Off The Page: Great Fire Of London
March: 6th Year 3: Synagogue Visit
8th History Off The Page: Toys
22nd Parents Evening
26th Individual Photo Day
30th- 13th Spring Break
April: 24th Year 4: History Off The Page: Vikings
May: 7th May Bank Holiday
29th – 1st Half Term
June: 15th Year 6: Guardian Trip
18th Year 6: Guardian Trip
18th – 29th Year 6: Swimming
July: 25th Last Day Of School



** Subject to changes, more dates to follow