Year 5

May 2017

As part of our DT unit, Year 5 were given the wonderful opportunity to bake bread with the fantastic Mr Maxim from Kokura. Mr Maxim delivered an informative session all about the history of bread, which was linked into our Ancient Egyptians unit.









March 2017

In March, Year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to work with Martin Chandler as part of their DT Moving Vehicles unit with a cross-curricular link to The Ancient Greeks. They created some fantastic Greek Chariots for Ancient Greek Hoplites in battle.







February 2017

In February, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Canning Town Library where they were able to explore the facilities available to them. They also had a quiet read through a wide range of books, participated in an informative workshop and were able to take out books themselves.






January 2017

History off the Page: Greeks

Year 5 have, as part of this term’s topic, taken part in a Greek History Off The Page day on Wednesday 11th January. Children participated in different activities linked to the topic such as painting their names in Greek lettering, making medicines, soap carving and performing as part of the blessing for Goddess Athena at her temple.


During Term 2, year 5 have made Egyptian containers as part of our Ancient Egypt topic. We researched what the purposes of our containers could be and what makes a good container and design. We used clay to mould and shape our containers and paint to decorate our own.

September 2016

History off the Page: Egyptians

Year 5 have, as part of this term’s topic, taken part in an Egyptian History Off The Page day on Wednesday 14th September. Children participated in different activities linked to the topic such as the learning the process of mummification, painting hieroglyphics on plaster, making perfumes, soap carving and performing as part of the Pharoah’s celebration.

Summer 2016

Science Week

Science week was the week beginning the 20th of June 2016 and was a huge success. We held many activities and events during the week that encouraged the children to think and work scientifically.


The BugMan visited Hallsville and taught the children many fascinating facts about various types of animals including:

  • Arachnids
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Insects

In addition to the above, we were also visited by The Science Boffins who stunned the children with their explosive science experiments.

Bread Making

In Year 5 we made our own bread. We learnt how to knead the bread and the ingredients we needed. We really enjoyed eating our delicious bread!

Ancient Greeks

Year 5 found out more about their topic – The Ancient Greeks – when History Off the Page came to visit Hallsville. We dressed up as Ancient Greeks and visited a Greek market. We even shared a typical Greek feast together.

We also learnt more about The Ancient Greeks by visiting the British Museum. We saw many artefacts and ancient statues which showed us what life in Ancient Greece would have been like. We used our sketching skills to create fantastic drawings of the historical artefacts we found.

November 2015

LGBT Anti-Bullying Competition

These are the class winners from Year 5 for the LGBT Anti Bullying Competition. The categories were for best cake, t-shirt and poster or poem.


Year 5 took part in an ancient Egyptian ‘History Of The Page Day’ day where all the children dressed up and completed various activities that the ancient Egyptians would have done. These activities included tomb painting, bread making and they even held a royal banquet.