Year 2

School Events 2017-18

December 2017

William Morris trip

Year 2 had a fantastic time visiting the William Morris Gallery last week. During the visit, they learnt about how William Morris wanted to achieve a fairer society. They saw lots of examples of art work produced by William Morris and then took part in their own printing workshop. We were so impressed with the patterns created by the children – the trip definitely inspired them to produce their own art work in the style of William Morris. A big thank you to all the parents and carers who helped on the day.


Enterprise Day

On Enterprise Day the children in 2P were split into smaller groups and given the challenge to create a new mode of transport for the future that suited a specific environment. Teams were given the choice of what environment they would like to design their transport for and had to work together to come up with a design that they all agreed on.

The main outcome for the day was not their design but rather the ability to work in a team listening to each other; being a leader; staying positive and keeping others positive within the team when they might have felt like giving up; using their imaginations (which they did incredibly well); sharing their ideas with each other; problem solving and aiming high always trying to do their best.

I was incredibly impressed by how well all the children in 2P worked together in a team. The skills that they developed during the day are invaluable and they will be able to use them throughout their lives. I know it was a day they thoroughly enjoyed




This year’s Nativity followed the three kings and their servants as they followed the star, all the way to Bethlehem. Having learned their lines and songs, the staff were so proud to see the children perform to a packed hall of parents and carers.

October 2017

Florence Nightingale

This week Florence Nightingale came to spend a day at Hallsville.  Y2 children learnt all about her life, looking at artefacts from the same time period as Ms Nightingale and joining in drama and role play. It was especially lovely to see the questions that children came up with to ask Ms Nightingale in an interview session.

The children looked very smart indeed, dressed up as nurses and soldiers. Ms Nightingale left our school highly impressed by the level of intelligence, enthusiasm and the wonderful behaviour of our children. Well done year 2!





July 2017

Sunflower Competition

Thank you to all those parents/carers who helped their children grow their sunflowers earlier this term. The sunflowers are now well and truly established in the Hallsville garden. How lovely they look!

Y2 Culture Week – African Drumming (Cultural Week)

Wow, what a busy week. The children started the week by taking part in the annual Hallsville afternoon tea and then on Tuesday they attended an African Drumming workshop. Everyone enjoyed learning the different beats and rhythms and for once the children were allowed to make lots of noise. What a great sound they made! We clearly have some talented musicians in Year 2.

June 2017

Y2 Visit Southend

This term, Year 2 welcomed the summer by visiting Southend for the day. The sun was definitely beating down as we left the school. The children enjoyed a fun-packed day, travelling to the end of the pier on a tram, visiting the lifeboat station to learn about the importance of water safety, spending time on the beach collecting shells and finally the, all important, ice-cream eating. The children were a real credit to the school, showing their Hallsville values all day. Well done Year 2.

May 2017

History off the Page

Year 2 had a fantastic day, travelling back in time to witness what happened in Pudding Lane at the time of the Great Fire of London. The children looked amazing in their outfits as they took part in a range of activities including making candles, learning about medical remedies and digging up artefacts from the time.

The day certainly helped the children develop their understanding of what it would have felt like at the time and how devastating it would have been for the many families whose houses were destroyed.

March 2017

Y2 Visit St Paul’s

This month, Year 2 enjoyed their visit to St Paul’s Cathedral. As well as learning about how and when the cathedral was built and the importance of the cathedral in Christianity, the children gained a deeper understanding of how the cathedral needed to be rebuilt after the Great Fire of London.

February 2017

Year 1 and 2 Enjoy Maths Week

Thank you to Ms Bellamy for organising a fun Maths Week at Hallsville. During the week, pupils took part in lots of interesting activities, showing them just how varied maths can be.  As well as watching an interactive workshop by Caboodle, they took part in maths games organised by the Y1 and Y2 teachers. They played bingo, created shape patterns and acted as pirates, using coordinates to find hidden treasure.  The pictures below show just some of these activities.

Literacy – Setting Descriptions

In literacy we have been reading Meerkat Mail, a story about a meerkat called Sunny who visits different places.  We explored two different places for Sunny to visit, Nigeria and a funfair.  We listened to music from Nigeria, held yams and plantain and looked at real Nigerian clothing. For the funfair, we watched a video and felt and tasted a fresh donut.

We used our senses to describe the setting, using adjectives and expanded noun phrases such as ‘Sunny tasted the golden fluffy donuts with raspberry cream filling’ and ‘As he walked through the bustling market Sunny heard the loud steady beat of the African drum’.

December 2016

This year’s Nativity saw the Angel choir prepare for the arrival of baby Jesus.  Having learned their lines and songs, the staff were so proud to see the children perform to parents and carers.

September 2016

Healthy Living

In our science this term, Year 2 have been exploring the topic of Healthy Living.  During this topic we have discussed how we stay clean through brushing our teeth to remove plaque and washing our hands and showering to remove bacteria.  We also investigated how exercise affects our body and measured our temperature using a thermometer.  Finally, we learnt about the different food groups required for a balanced diet.  We’re now ready to write some advice on staying healthy in our literacy lessons.

Florence Nightingale Museum

On Wednesday 21st September, Year 2 went on an educational visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum as part of their topic work. They took the tube to Westminster and walked over London Bridge to get to the Museum. Once there, they met ‘Florence Nightingale’ who was played by an actress from the Museum and did many activities relating to the life of the ‘Lady of the Lamp’. We learned a lot about Florence Nightingale and her role in the Crimean war and ensured that we behaved like role models throughout the day to make our teachers proud.’​

July 2016


January 2016

Tower Hamlets Town Hall Visit

As part of Citizenship Week, year 2 visited Tower Hamlets Town Hall.  We learnt about the work of the council, saw the chamber where councillors debate issues and asked questions to councillors about their work and local democracy.  We also found out about the role of the Speaker in chairing debates and some children even got to try on the Speaker’s golden chains.

During the week we also discussed the Hallsville Values and debated which was the most important of the four values, before having a class vote to decide.

November 2015

LGBT Anti-bullying Competition

These are the class winners from Year 2 for the LGBT Anti Bullying Competition. The categories were for best cake, t-shirt and poster or poem.

October 2015

Florence Nightingale Musuem

We visited the Florence Nightingale Museum and learnt about Florence’s life.  We found out why she is known as the Lady of the Lamp and how she improved the conditions at Scutari Hospital.

We have been learning about how to stay healthy, including the importance of a balanced diet.  We learnt how to wash our hands properly and brush our teeth so that we can kill some of the bacteria.