November 2017

We are having a picnic in the tent.” said the children in the den. Picnic in the nursery forest.

The children sing ” Make a Circle Make a Circle ”
before they sit down to play together

Building together. This is during
free flow.

Mmmm lunch!!

We like spending time at our mud kitchen. We get to pour and mix and create a variety of dishes. Delicious!!

A wonderful visit

Star is the School Dog and she came to spend the day with us. It was so lovely to see her and to get to stroke her.

We even gave her a check up to make sure she was okay. We all love Star.

October 2017

Fun for all

In Nursery we always enjoy playing games with the parachute. Everybody is always excited to join their friends.

Messy Play!

In Nursery we used the tweezers to pick up the sticky red spaghetti. This is great practice for our fine motor control.


In Nursery we like to explore the digging area to see what we can find. It takes a lot of work to dig a hole!

1 2 3 Playground Game

The children created their own game and everybody wanted to join in. It was a great way to learn their numbers.

January 2017

Making a Den

We have been using large construction to build in the outside area. Den making is great fun!

December 2016

Festive Morning and Afternoon

We had a great time during our Stay and Festive morning and afternoon. We made Christmas  cards and decorated cupcakes.

October 2016


In Nursery we learnt about the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot. we created our Sukkah outside.

Black History Week

We learnt about Bessie Coleman during Black history week and made aeroplanes using the construction materials outside.

Exploring Our New Environment

We’ve really enjoyed exploring our new environment and the sand pavilion has great opportunities for physical development​.


Summer 2016


We created party hats to celebrate Miss Maher’s puppies birthday. he turned 1 years old. We love having Ned come to visit.

Obstacle Course

In Nursery we created our own obstacle course using the giant hollow blocks.

February 2016

We really enjoy using the large construction to build. with team work we built a train!

We really like our community friendly space where we can have quiet time or look at books with our friends.

In nursery we have been learning about repeating patterns and some of us can create our own now.

In Nursery we enjoy role play and pretending to be vets.

June 2015

In the spring term we planted potatoes and spring onions. In the summer term we dug them up, we were very excited. I wonder if we could use our potatoes and spring onions to make a potato salad…

February 2015

In Nursery we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood, we used props to support our story telling.

We really enjoy exploring our outside environment and use what we know from our everyday experiences to support our play.

In Nursery we like to explore the outside mud kitchen and make mud pies and cakes! We also really enjoyed our Tube Station role play area and the giant map. We have planned lots of routes to take all over London.