School Events 15-16

July 2016

Cultural Week

For one week during July the children of Hallsville Primary School celebrate Cultural Week. During this week  we explore the cultures of everyone in the school through performance, music, dress, food, visitors and our own shared experiences. One of our strengths in Hallsville is valuing our differences.

March 2016

Maths Week 2016

During Maths Week we invited the KS2 parents into class to watch how arithmetic is taught for the first fifteen minutes of our maths lessons.

Times Tables Competition

In KS2 we held a times tables competition, here are the winners and runners up from each year group. These children know all of their multiplication and corresponding division facts up to the 12 x 12 tables.

Problem Solving Company

The Problem Solving Company worked with children in Year 3, 4 and 5. Each year group had the opportunity to work in  teams to solve maths problems in the KS2 hall.

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust have been visiting each year group, teaching us about dog behaviour and how to be safe around dogs. Fudge the dog was very chilled out!

LGBT Anti Bullying Competition Winners

These are the final KS2 winners and KS1 winners for the LGBT Anti Bullying Competition. The standard was excellent with a fantastic amount of effort put in by all the participants. Congratulations!

November 2015

Anti-bullying Week

Hallsville children participated in Friendship Friday on the 27th of November, wearing yellow, the colour of Friendship. This was to conclude our successful Anti Bullying Weeks.

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